Bunnings DIYs to Get You Through Self-Isolation

With lots of the country in lockdown, many of us haven’t known what to do with the sudden influx of spare time – here are some DIY ideas.

It’s one of those things we’re always ‘getting around to’ and while a herb garden is a good start, try to get a bit more creative with the extra time.

Start a veggie patch

Paint your outdoor furniture

Why not spend a little time bringing your grungy, wooden furniture back to life? Simply sand the pieces down and add some primer before finishing with some exterior paint.

Build your very own terrarium

Up your indoor plant game and make your very own succulent terrarium. All you’ll need is a terrarium pot, a little potting mix, some stones and your favourite succulent.

Make a wooden bath caddy

Once you're done with this project you’ll be able to reward yourself with a nice relaxing bubble bath!

Design your own textured wall art

One for the non-artists among us, this simple textured wall art paint project is one that anyone can master.