My success stories

Helen is a professional, diligent and kind broker. She is very knowledgeable and responsive she even replies our emails at 11pm which makes the correspondence effectively and seamlessly. We trust her so much that we have introduced her to our parents for their refinances.

Sanjeev & Eshna, Schofields, NSW

We are the first home buyers & we both work full time hence buying a property and at the mean time sorting out the finance within our budget was quite daunting. Helen came into our picture and we feel so grateful that she has made things so much easier by guiding us through the whole process and acted proactively when some unexpected issues arose. She even offered extended help to meet our developer’s settlement deadline. We would highly recommend Helen to anyone we know.

Andrew & Nicole, Ropes Crossing

We are going to knock down our existing house and build up a new one. Helen negotiated with the bank and got us the most competitive rate with the suitable product. We only need to deal with the builder and do not need to worry about the bank because she has done everything for us.

Eric & Fiona, Hornsby, NSW

Helen works thoroughly and cares for people. We were not ready for buying a property at the time she visited us. She has kept the personal connection since then and provided us property reports each time when we were interested in a property. We bought a property down in over 6 months’ time and she managed the finance for us. We would still ring her and make some inquires even after settlement. We would confidently accommodate her as a responsible and caring broker.

Ken & Kathryn, Killara, NSW